As you should all know by now, on the 26th February a 16-person delegation from Rotherham, named The Mighty Millers, are arriving in the Algarve for a visit.

This is a friendly visit, to be full of joie de vivre and Eastern Algarve WF hospitality. We hope to play 2 games and indulge in a night of revelry. The games will be in the morning of the 27th and 28th February, and the evening event (all inclusive at 20 euros per head) will be on the 28th.

We are thus looking for volunteers to:

1) Provide a taxi service on the evening of the 26th (around 9-10 pm) from the airport to the Olhao hotel. Hopefully 6 or 7 vehicles will suffice.

2) Play in either or both of the designated mornings matches.

3) Attend the evening event.

Please email our very own John Knight with offers of help etc. or for more information (simply click on his name)

2 thoughts on “Latest on the Mighty Millers visit

  1. Gerry Donaldson says:

    I am visiting from Canada. I am a 68 year old male. I am not available on Saturday but would love to play on a team on Sunday 28 January 2018) morning if that makes sense. I have shorts and shirt but only runners to wear, if that is allowed.

    I am staying in room 204 at the Brisa Sol hotel in Albufeira.

    Will someone please advise on the likelihood of doing this?

    1. Neil Morris says:

      Hi Gerry. The matches are in February, not January.

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