We have entered a team for the Algarve SuperVets 7-a-side tournament. Please note, this is full-on running over 45s 7-a-side and so could be quite physical.

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The tournament will be held on September 29th, and there are currently 10 teams entered:

1. OLHANENSE Portugal
3. APMS AGADIR  Morocco
4. APMS AGADIR 2 Morocco
7. RADCLIFFE 562 Manchester
8. BMFT  Manchester
9. FAT BOYS Kent
10. SDS (provisional) Switzerland

There will be two leagues and then play-offs etc, with matches probably lasting 20 minutes each.

The rules are as follows:

Then laws of the game will apply with the following exceptions:

  1. 12 players may be nominated per team. 7 players shall be nominated to form a team for each match.
  2. No player shall be nominated for more than one team.
  3. Rolling Substitution will be allowed only at a dead ball situation with the referee’s permission.
  4. There will be no offside.
  5. Goal kicks will be taken from within the penalty area.
  6. The penalty area will be marked. Goalkeepers shall not handle the ball except in their own penalty areas
  7. The home named team will kick-off.
  8. The referee will start and restart the games with a kick-off. i) All opposing players to retire 5 metres at free or place kicks.
  9. Any players sent off the field of play for violent misconduct or foul and abusive language will be regarded as suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
  10. Any player cautioned twice on the day will be suspended for the next game following completion of the match in progress at the time of the second caution.
  11. The duration of play shall be 1 x 15 minutes for all games. All teams should be pitch side ready to play their matches. d) Points in the league are: Win 3, Draw 1, and Loss 0. In the event of teams finishing level on points, league positions shall be decided as follows:
    The team with the greater goal difference.
    If still level, the team scoring the greater number of goals.
    If still level, result between the two teams
    Drawing of lots to decide position

In the event of the teams having similar colours and being drawn together the ‘away’ team shall change. The team first shown on the draw shall be deemed the ‘home’ team.

The referee’s decision on all points of play shall be final.

If anyone wants any more info on taking part etc, please email Mick Coleman by clicking here