The normal running team (EAFC) will be playing a match against Uxley Echo FC over 50s on 19th May.

We are playing at Fereiras (near Albufeira), with the kick off at 14:00 so can all players please arrange to be at the ground by 13:15 at the latest.

Please note, this is a full 90-min normal running football match.

Full kit will be provided.

The squad for the game is as follows:

  • GK – Trevor Benterman
  • Dave Day
  • Mick Coleman
  • Ken Gagan
  • George Allen
  • Tom French
  • Rob Cheshire
  • Bjorn Ryd
  • Julian Ross
  • Steve Maddocks
  • Jesus Ruiz
  • Karl Chapman
  • Paolo Turni
  • Jon Syed
  • Andy Smith
  • Thomas Roberts

If you can’t play or need any further information then please let Andy Smith know asap.

Spectators more than welcome….