Sunday 19th September saw our second mini-tournament against our friends from Farense Walking Football (SCF).

Held in Montenegro, Faro, the tournament consisted of three teams from each club (EAWF and Farense) – over 50s, over 60s and a mixed team of various ages. Each EAWF team played each Farense team for the honour of being top of the table, followed by bifanas, sausage baps, and a few beers.

EAWF over 50s ended up on top of the pile with victories over Farense over 50s (2-1), a draw with the Farense mixed team (1-1) and victory over Farense over 60s (1-0) with Tony G and Mark C scoring our goals.

EAWF over 60s won against Farense over 60s (2-1), drew 0-0 with the Farense over 50s team, and lost 1-0 to the mixed team.

The EAWF mixed team remained unbeaten throughout, drawing all three games (0-0 against Farense over 50s, 2-2 against the over 60s and 1-1 against their mixed team).

Many thanks to Farense for hosting us again, Clive at the Old Barrel for providing the sausage baps, the bar at the stadium for their hospitality, and also huge thanks to Les for refereeing throughout the whole tournament and Paul, Stuart, Neil and Steve M for helping referee the second pitch when needed.

The results and table in full are shown below, with the team pictures at the bottom:

SCF +500-0EAWF Mix
SCF +601-2EAWF +60
SCF Mix1-0EAWF +60
SCF +501-2EAWF +50
SCF Mix1-1EAWF +50
SCF +602-2EAWF Mix
SCF +500-0EAWF +60
SCF +600-1EAWF +50
SCF Mix1-1EAWF Mix
EAWF +503210427
SCF Mix3120325
EAWF +603111224
EAWF Mix3030333
SCF +503021122
SCF +603012351