For those of us septuagenarians looking to continue playing Walking Football without the fear of being tackled and damaging our ageing bodies.

WF for those 70+ will follow the normal rules – three touches and no running (if only we could) – with a few exceptions: NO contact; NO tackling; and players to give opponents a minimum of two metres space.

More like a game of WF Chess where movement and passing are the main criteria.

Every Friday morning, commencing 12th November

Olhanense astro-turf pitch (courtesy of SC Olhanense)

9.30 to 11.30am. €3 per session.

Come and give it a try. Refreshments will be on Chris Wright after the first session – homemade Eccles Cakes and coffee.

60 years ago and Chris had hair!

3 thoughts on “Walking football for those 70+

  1. Peter D Walpole says:

    I hope to be there if Over Aged Players are allowed to Play

  2. Anthony Casey says:

    I am a player in Hull, East Yorkshire, in our group we have over 70s and over 65’s.
    One of our over 70 group has a villa near Tavira . Can he join in on Friday’s sessions and he could organise a friendly for the rest of our over 70’s.

    1. East Algarve Walking Football says:

      Hi Antony. Your member is more than welcome to attend our over 70s sessions when he is in Portugal. I’ll get our liaison man to contact you regarding organising a friendly or two.

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