Although aimed primarily at the 65+ age group, this new concept is also open to anyone with mobility issues or recovering from injury.

With no tackling, players must keep at least 2 metres from the opponent with the ball. A two-metre zone extending outwards from the goal area is for defenders only thus ensuring that attacking players keep their distance when bearing down on goal. The sessions, which are open to both male and female players, take place every Friday from 9.30am to 11.00am at the astro-turf pitch adjoining the José Arcanjo Stadium, Olhão (behind McDonalds on the EN125).

The 3-touch rule will also apply and means that this non-contact version of Walking Football will appeal to those who wish to maintain their links with the ‘beautiful game’ without the fear of physical contact.

Over 450 years of football skill welcome newcomers on Friday mornings in Olhão