Tackles, challenges, and respect for officials is very much in the personal domain of each player and, irrespective of age, we all need to show self restraint and uphold the main concept of Walking Football. As one of the older players, our leader and mentor Chris Wright has for some time intimated that we should go a step further and initiate a session for those who wish to play at a slower pace without the fear of the odd knock or tackle. This may well address the concerns of those who are now 3 years older than when we first started!

To this end Chris has put his head above the parapet and suggested that he will organise a session aimed at the over 60s (but not precluding anyone over 50 – but definitely no one under 50).


It is an interesting new dimension which may or may not work but let’s give it a try. We propose commencing on Wednesday 5th July at Olhão. (To be confirmed)

This new session will be in addition to the normal Monday and Thursday sessions. Once we have established the 3rd game on a Wednesday it is the intention to have a players meeting after one of the weekly sessions.