Following the release of the walking football (WF) laws in February 2017 by the FA, as produced and established in November 2016, a working group here in the Eastern Algarve will review the laws of the game to produce a set of laws specifically for East Algarve Walking Football (EAWF).


It is our aim to produce EAWF-specific laws of the game that will be universal at both Olhao and Tavira alike, and also be forwarded to all clubs and/or tournament organisers for their information and consideration.

Although we have no control over any other groups in the Algarve, this will be an earnest attempt to help unify the laws of the game across the Algarve.

The Working Group

The group members approached to input into the process have been selected to provide a group who are as qualified and representative of the whole EAWF family as is possible.

The group will consist of:

  • players who have experience of playing grass-roots football.
  • people who have obtained football coaching badges
  • qualified referees
  • representatives of players who have recently played in our A, B, and C teams
  • representatives of players from both the Olhao sessions and Tavira sessions.


A review of the existing laws as currently used by EAWF, whilst reviewing and incorporating the newly produced FA laws of the game. This will also give consideration to the common laws currently adopted by tournament organisers in the Algarve.