East Algarve Walking Football will hold a player’s meeting at 11.30 am on Thursday 20th July (after the normal Olhao session).

This meeting is to discuss the governance of East Algarve Walking Football and how we move forward.

There have so far been three models used over the course of our existence, each one for about a year:

Year 1

Chris Wright organised and managed all aspects of the group and made all decisions

Year 2

A committee of 9 or ten volunteers organised and managed all aspects of the group, and collectively made all the decisions

Year 3 (and the current model)

A small number of individuals have specific roles, using their expertise to organise and manage all aspects of the group. These individuals make decisions in their respective roles, and Chris Wright agrees and ratifies these decisions (and acts as arbitrator in the event of disputes)

The future?

We now want to gain the views of all the regulars (at both Olhao and Tavira) with regards how we move forward and how we are run.

Any of the previous (and current) three models can be applied in the future or, of course, an entirely new model could be developed. This is where you all come in. If you wish to forward an opinion, or the basis for a new model, please could we have your thoughts on this matter either by commenting below, sending an email (click here), or indeed by attending the meeting on July 20th.

Please note, this is only a consultation process at the moment to gauge opinions from the members. Depending on the views given, the next step will be to actually decide on a model and implement it, but that will come later. Also, please note that this is not an opportunity to discuss specifics (such as over-50s only or not, number of sessions, where we hold sessions, etc); that again will be the job of whatever model we use at a future stage!