As we approach the ‘tournament season’ it is a good time to  reflect on our achievements and look to the future. It is nearly four years since the first Walking Footballers stepped out on to the Astro-turf at the José Arcanjo Stadium, Olhão, and no one could have imagined the progress that has been made thanks to the combined effort of many individuals.

It is important that we maintain the momentum but always remember that fun, fitness and friendship are the cornerstones by which we measure success. Following recent incidents and at our stage of life the experience we have gained should enable us to take a step back as and when an area of conflict arises. We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game.


On and off  the field, we should:

  • Adhere to the Laws of The Game
  • Display and promote high standards of behaviour
  • Promote Fair Play
  • Respect the match officials decisions
  • Avoid offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour
  • Win or lose with dignity.

Respect is enshrined in the golden rule: treating others as you wish to be treated by them. Respect applies to oneself as well as to others. Respectful players accept decisions by officials without arguing, avoid violence in and out of sport, act considerately toward all people, and seek to resolve differences without anger and insults.

I personally look forward to many more years of Walking Football and the continued camaraderie of a great bunch of guys whose wit and wisdom helps to sooth aching muscles!

Chris Wright

One thought on “A Message from the President

  1. Brian Arnold says:

    Hello Chris

    As you are aware I found staying on the football field as a young man was quite difficult. Youre comments are fundamental and greeted from the true footballers.I hope you have a good competition and Brackley win best sporting Teams.


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