A few new improvements to the website that we thought you’d like to know about: the website is now multilingual, reserve your tickets online for our events, and join in our community chat in our online forums.

Choose your language

You can now view the website in your own language (apart from our Scottish friends who still have to put up with English, sorry). In the right sidebar, between “Happening Today” and the search bar, you can choose your language.

Now, we have to be honest here and state that this is only using Google Translate, so it may be the worst translation you’ve ever seen (and you may find the English version easier), but it is an attempt on our part to make your life a little easier if English is not your first language. If your language is not listed and you want it added, send an email to and we will gladly update the list.


Reserve tickets online for our social events

As well as viewing upcoming events, you can now reserve tickets for these events. Simply go to the booking form page (under “Upcoming events” in the menu), choose your event and add your tickets.

Unfortunately, at this time payment on the website is not possible (we hope to add this feature in the future), and so payment will still need to be made to the event organiser before you receive your ticket. However, hopefully this will make it easier for you to register your interest.

We plan to have this option running live for the Beach Party in June (once we have confirmation of the prices etc), so stay tuned both on the website and our Facebook page.


Join the community for an online chat

There is now an online forum (bulletin board/discussion group whatever you want to call it) on the website. Visit here for a look (it’s also on the main menu between “Tournaments” and “Contact us”). If you’ve not used an online forum before, it’s a bit like having an email conversation with loads of people at the same time, or using Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to chat. Once registered (which is easy and free), you can post topics or reply to others on any subject you like, with sections reserved for discussion about EAWF only and other, more general, sections.

There is plenty of information on how to join in and how it all works on the forum itself (in the “Information”/”How to” section) which you can read without registering, and areas to ask questions once you are registered. If in doubt, feel free to drop us an email and we can talk you through it all.

To keep it friendly we have to approve your registration (it keeps the spammers off), so if you register and don’t hear back send us an email and we will look into it but give us a bit of time as we are not always online 24/7. We do have rules (basically nothing offensive posted, no bullying etc, that kind of thing), and these can be read on the forum.

If you have used a forum before, you should find it relatively simple but, again, if anything is not obvious let us know (there is a suggestions section on the forum in case we have missed something).

Over time we hope this will expand and develop so that upcoming tournaments and events can be discussed and organised, teams chosen, etc., but we need you to get involved.

We thank you as always, learned reader…..