A quick update on some more news from EAWF, including an attempt to harmonise the rules in the Algarve, the latest on our defibrillators, and a chance to win with our World Cup Sweepstake.

WF Rules

At the Browns Tournament a good percentage of games finished as draws, many of them 0-0, and consequently went to the unsatisfactory conclusion of penalty shootouts. There has also been concern regarding the different rules used at various tournaments in the Algarve. Height restriction, goal areas, officials interpretation of the rules etc. In an endeavour for standardisation, it is hoped that Alan McGovern and Chris Wright can meet with Browns and Gary Thomas (Algarve Football Tours) in the near future to obtain some uniformity.


Thanks to the generosity of the Charity Shop, Tavira (near the Porta Nova sub post office) we will shortly have a top of the range defibrillator available at Tavira. We hope to ensure that it is also available for other community groups using the Sports Centre.  Fund-raising for a defibrillator at Olhão continues (€540 in the kitty at the moment). June will be a SUBSCRIPTION FREE month, but a collection bucket will be available at sessions for donations to the Defibrillator Appeal.

World Cup Sweepstake

Entry €2. No restriction on the number of entries per person. 50% of proceeds to the person holding the winning country ticket and 25% to the runner-up. The remaining 25% will go to the Defib Appeal. A draw will take place at the Tavira WF session on 11th June. If more than 32 entries are received then blanks will be added to the hat to correspond with the number of entries sold. Please see Chris Wright for tickets.