It was discussed today at the normal football session if people wanted to carry on over the summer. We had a great game today and it was decided that most people will be available to carry on with some people away (including me). Therefore, Wednesday running sessions will continue over the summer.

We also decided to have a get together next week (27th June) after the Wednesday session. We had a word with the café and agreed a deal including bread. olives etc and BBQ with rice and chips for €6. We thought we would charge €10 each to include a few beers (they are only €1 each there).

Plan agreed was, play football, go for lunch and a few beers, then watch the afternoon games somewhere in Tavira at 3pm (it is Korea v Germany and Mexico v Sweden).

How does that sound?  We will confirm the numbers with the café on Monday after football so contact Andy Smith no later than Monday morning if people want to go.

PS. If anyone wants to watch the England game at the Hairy Lemon on Sunday, Andy has booked a table but can add numbers, there are currently 10 of us. Woman are eating outside and the guys inside watching the football…… come on England (or maybe Panama if you’re Irish……. George).