Roy Clark and Jonathan Syed were invited to Centro de Saude in Tavira to discuss with a Nurse in the Diabetes Team how best the money raised to date could be spent.

There are four children with diabetes who have been identified as being in need of extra equipment to help them manage their diabetes better. All of those identified to date come from backgrounds where the funds needed are unavailable to them, but are of sufficient levels of managing their diabetes whereby the extra equipment would be of tremendous value.

At this stage it has been agreed that the Diabetes team will make known to us the exact equipment needed and EAWF will purchase the equipment and this will then be supplied to the young people in question.

The purchase of this equipment is not likely to exceed the total funds raised and further meetings will take place to identify other diabetes-related items that are needed.

The Diabetic Team are extremely grateful for the generosity and offer of help afforded to them.

Many, many thanks to all of you who have helped raised this money; more news will follow in the New Year.