You can help make a difference and you might win €30!

These are very worrying times for us all and our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones wherever they may be in the world. I was humbled to hear from Mark Fox, that those that were going to the Mallorca WF Tournament have generously donated their refund deposits towards an EAWF/EAFC ‘fighting fund’ being organised by Foxy to support the communities in Olhão and Tavira. Contact has been made with the Red Cross in Tavira and a local community action group in Olhão.

In a separate initiative EAWF/EAFC have devised a scheme offering support to local struggling cafes we frequent. In exchange for a lump sum upfront we are selling €10 vouchers which can be used once the pandemic has passed and we return to some semblance of normality.

Can I also suggest that players, officials and friends put €3 in a pot every time they might have gone to WF/RF (we can arrange a special price for Charlie as we don’t to bankrupt the poor bugger!).

If players email me each week with details of the monies they’ve donated I will allocate them a team (of my choice!) on a Football Scratchcard.  40 teams per card = €120;  prize €30; donation to Fighting Fund €90. Ten cards per month would generate €900.

UPDATE: We still have spaces on the scratchcard for the coming week, so please get in touch with Chris Wright to pledge your support at click here to email

No need to send money, we can collect it at a later date as several people have promised to underwrite the scheme and feed in monies as required. Don’t forget family and friends from near and far can join in. One-off donations are also welcome and on request we can forward details of bank accounts that monies can be sent to.

Finally, please keep in touch with everyone you know. Those of us over 70 and everyone self-isolating will be eternally grateful to hear a reassuring voice, receive an email or one of the new fangled social network links during the coming weeks. If there is anyone who needs help please let us know.

Chris Wright

Fighting Fund Donations: Mark Fox (click here to email)
Café vouchers: Andy Smith (click here to email)
Scratchcards: Chris Wright (click here to email)