The following info is taken from the Safe Communities Portugal website, which we thought people may find helpful if they have not seen it elsewhere…

From the Safe Communities Portugal website:

Family gatherings at Easter is the main concern of the Government. Therefore, the renewal of the state of emergency tightened the rules for the period between the 9th and 13th of April. But the total period of state of emergency is longer (between the 3rd and 17th of April) and here, too, new rules are added to the previous ones.

In addition to the social isolation measures already in place, the Government wants to prevent the celebration of Easter from translating into an increase in contact between people that eventually leads to more infections and patients with covid-19.

Therefore, it approved a measure that establishes that for five days, between 00h00 on 9th April and 24h00 on 13th April, people cannot travel outside the municipality of their residence.

This measure was taken taking into account that at this time of the year people take the opportunity to return to their homes or even to spend holidays “in second homes”.

In the renewal of the state of emergency, the previous rules were maintained. This means that the duty to isolate continues to apply. In other words, the orientation is to stay at home and avoid going beyond what is necessary (buying food, going to the pharmacy, working if necessary).

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  1. Peter David Walpole says:

    They will be here by then its 5 days away
    the horse will have bolted by then

    1. David says:

      Yes. I agree Peter, Those that have the ability to travel before this date will now do so.

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