EAWF has received brilliant responses from both individuals and groups in our appeal to raise funds for local businesses and through East Algarve Families in Need here in the east Algarve in light of the covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to the many offers of small donations through our scratchcards (which are still available, email Chris Wright for more info) we have also received many donations of items and food for the homeless in Tavira through the Black Anchor Bar.

We have teamed up with East Algarve Families in Need via their facebook page to accept donations of money towards helping local families. In addition, many of our members who were due to travel to Mallorca for a tournament that has now been cancelled have donated their returned deposits, which has already provided goods and food to those in need. In addition, our regular visitors and friends from the Mighty Millers in Rotherham have donated €120, plus we have received an amazing donation of £230 from a group of Bristol City fans who visited us for the first time in February:

To the East Algarve Walking Football group, SC Olhanense supporters and the wider community of Olhão

Let us introduce ourselves! We are a group of Bristol City Football Club Supporters, In February of this year a group of us from Bristol in the UK spent a weekend in Olhão for Ed’s stag weekend during which we watched SC Olhanense vs Sintra. We were so warmly welcomed by the club and supporters of Olhanense as well as the town of Olhão that we immediately decided that SC Olhanense would be our Sister club and that we would make regular visits to watch the team from here on in! There’s even been mention of a Bristol City branch of the SC Olhanense supporters club!

In the uncertain times that the world is facing football is a vehicle to bring people together and to foster a spirit of solidarity. When we heard about the East Algarve Walking Football fighting fund for the businesses and families that rely so much on the trade arising from their local football club we wanted to repay some of the amazing welcome we received by making a donation from our annual football prediction game.

We send this donation with solidarity, love and best wishes to all involved with SC Olhanense and the wider community of Olhão.


In addition to all this, we have raised €700 through our voucher scheme for our regular café in Tavira to help them through troubled times, and plans are afoot to do the same thing for the café in Olhao and the Hairy Lemon in Cabanas, who have supported us brilliantly in the past.

We have also received generous individual donations from SC Olhanense expat fans in London and SportsBanger in the UK.

All the raised funds will go towards helping local families and businesses in our community who are struggling through this difficult time, and we thank everyone of you who has made a contribution no matter what the size.

We would welcome even more support from our members; even a small weekly donation through the scratchcards can make a huge difference to people’s lives, so keep on giving!