Following on from the very successful voucher scheme we organised to help out our friends at O Cantinho in Tavira, we are launching a similar effort to help Clive and Lorraine at the Hairy Lemon in Cabanas.

As we’re sure you’re aware, they have helped us tremendously in the past by buying our club three full sets of kit and two sets of training bibs, so we thought we’d help them back by giving them €500 to help tide them over in these difficult times.

Vouchers for €10 are now available from Andy Smith (click here to email him for purchases) which can be redeemed at the Hairy Lemon for food and drinks once they re-open. This doesn’t cost you or the club anything in the long run so it really makes sense to buy a voucher or two. There are only 50 available, so get in quick and show your support to our biggest supporters.

We all also wish Clive a swift and full recovery from his current medical problems.

3 thoughts on “A new voucher appeal

  1. John Gough says:

    Hi Andy
    Hope all okay with you- we would like to buy 2 ten pound vouchers for Hairy Lemon please- how do we pay you?

  2. Sylvia Tingley says:

    Brilliant idea, Clive & Lorraine deserve much more xxx

    1. Lisa wright says:

      Hi Andy lovely idea can we purchase €20 of vouchers please for the lemon we can call and post money.

      Thanks Lisa and Andy x x x

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