Healthy life has 3 main pillars: sleeping, nutrition and active body (or fitness).

Mo is offering all members/partners etc. a 20% discount on his normal prices for his FitSpirit open-air sessions. Normal prices are only €15 for a 40-minute session with even more discounts for 5 or 10 sessions booked at the same time, so grab yourselves a bargain with an extra 20% off.

Mo can be contacted on (+351) 968 582 877 or by email.

For more than 30 years, Mo used to be an ordinary sports lover; then for many long years and besides practicing two or three different sports at the same time he turned out to be a running addict and finally for the last 6 years he’s started to study fitness in relation to different sports, various types of people of different ages, and healthy nutrition, all the while practicing several sports in parallel (Boxing, Kick-boxing, Taekwondo, Squash, Tennis, Swimming, Cycling, Body-building) until he has successfully reached a multi-sportsman body and state of mind.

In addition, for the last couple of years, he has gained more practical experience being a freelance fitness coach as well as co-launching a private gym in his home country of Cairo, Egypt. Along the way he has learned that progressing cannot be achieved without dedication (like everything else), persistence (no pain, no gain) and above all the importance and basis for all others, respecting two crucial aspects in our lives which are sleeping and nutrition.