Over the next few weeks and in line with sessions recommencing and potential tournaments restarting we are moving our communication to an app dedicated to EAWF and EAFC (in one app).

As the club has grown to 100 active players per week across four sessions, getting out information and communication in general has become extremely time consuming.

Currently we use eight different platforms methods to communicate to various people within the club. We would like to reduce those platforms to three: namely, the website, Facebook and the app.

All people involved in creating and managing communications do so on a voluntary basis and some weeks it’s pretty much a full time occupation.

Please bear this mind if you are immediately inclined to object to the proposal.

Steve Maddocks has kindly offered his time to promote and encourage all players to download and sign up to the app over the coming weeks and may well contact you.

Obviously whether you do this is your choice but it would really help in the smooth running of the club and remove some of the pressures from those currently involved in communications.

We therefore strongly encourage everyone to give it a go.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store and can also be accessed on the web at https://www.teamapp.com

Download the app to your device, create an account and then search for EAWF/EAFC and request to join. It’s free and will make communicating a lot easier having it all in one place.