“I have taken the decision to step back, for the foreseeable future, from my commitments with East Algarve Walking Football, SC Olhanense, Centre Algarve and media reporting.

My health has not been what it should be — low energy levels with good and bad days (some days it’s a struggle to get out of bed!) — although I hope to get some answers when I see a specialist at Faro Hospital in early September.

I have spoken to Jonathan Syed at length and much appreciate the support he and other friends have offered.

Christine is a tower of strength without whom I would be lost.

I very much look forward to playing WF without the added pressures of ‘other commitments’, although I appreciate that in time I may be bored stiff and want to get back in the fray!

At the moment I’m taking it a day at a time. If you have any outstanding issues or need clarification on any points please liaise with Jonathan.

Thank you and keep safe.

Chris Wright”