Since its formation, East Algarve Walking Football (EAWF) and more recently East Algarve Football Club (EAFC) has helped with many various charities. This year a Charity Committee has been formed to continue with this work.

To that end we are asking anybody who has a particular charity or cause in mind and needs assistance raising funds to purchase equipment or other items to contact the committee to see if EAWF/EAFC can assist.

It is not our intention to hand out cash but are happy to assist in the purchase of anything that may be needed.

Because of our association with the local community, football and a healthier lifestyle, it would be preferable if the assistance we can give is aligned to one of those areas, but this is not exclusive. Nor would we only consider one particular matter at a time. For example during this and last year, items have been donated to various health centres in relation to diabetes and also various food and clothing charities in Tavira and Olhao.

Anyone suggesting where our help is needed would also be expected to coordinate what exactly is needed and if necessary where it can be found and to try and raise further donations by organising other fund raising events such as raffles, sponsored events etc., the list is endless. All with the help of EAWF/EAFC.

Anyone with an idea where EAWF/EAFC can help is invited to contact either: Nobby or Karl

2 thoughts on “Charitable causes wanted

  1. Karen Howard-Goldsmith says:

    Hi, I have today been in contact with Jon. I am the East Algarve rep of Associacao Alerta Incendio Florestal/Forest Fire Alert, working to help and support our Bombeiros. You may have seen our FB page and seen posts. We cover the whole of the Algarve but I am specifically responsible for the East. As you can imagine, our usual fundraising has been completely derailed due to Covid and I am looking for a way to help replace some of the funds. I am hoping to ask our FB followers/general public to send me their favourite recipes, both Portuguese and from their “home” countries and put these together in some sort of booklet form. We would then sell them (hopefully in time for Christmas, if possible) and raise funds. We provide supplies of food, water and general supplies to the Bombeiros as well as, when funds allow, buy new uniforms. Most of the firefighters are volunteers and one uniform costs @350 euros! They are meant to provide their own, although the stations do help out with used ones where they can.
    Jon mentioned that you might be able to sponsor the printing-would this be possible? I know nothing about printing(!!) but if I obtained a quote, is this something you might consider funding? We would be extremely grateful.

    1. East Algarve Walking Football says:

      Hi Karen. As Jon mentioned, you’re best to contact Karl or Nobby as per the original post. They will be able to advise. Just click on the name and send them an email.

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