Bringing you some good news about the latest charity work completed by EAWF.

Despite not playing and therefore not raising any funds in recent weeks (it feels like months to be honest), we did keep back some of the money raised for the food charity and other charities from the first “lockdown” to be used in case of a further lockdown. Since the second lockdown is now with us, we have released further funds to help the local community.

Food Charity

We recently spent €500 providing food for a food charity in Olhão. Our very own Johan and Mo bought all the food and delivered it to the Nova Aliança Centro Social charity, from where it was given to local families in need who are struggling as a result of the pandemic.

Other work

Recently, the EAWF charity committee was approached to see if they could help in any way with support for a young man in his twenties who was diagnosed with a liver problem at an early age and is currently on a transplant waiting list. During the pandemic his father has had to give up his work in order to be able to escort his son to various hospital appointments in Faro and Lisbon.

Obviously this, along with the cost of medicines and ongoing treatment, is causing financial strain for the family. After deliberation and dialogue with the family through a third party, we have paid the monthly medication bill, for which the family are extremely grateful.

There are a number of other requests currently with the charity committee that are being considered and, although funds are limited, we are hoping to be able to help as many different causes as possible in the near future; news will be passed to you, our members, as soon as we have any announcements.