East Algarve Walking Football (EAWF) and East Algarve Football Club (EAFC) have continued their charity efforts throughout this year and during the lockdown.

Andy delivering the first food to Altura

We have made a number of food donations to various charities across the Algarve, the latest being last week when Andy Wilkings took a food delivery to the President of the Freguesia de Altura, Fernanda Sousa. Funds were donated by both EAWF and individual members. We will be making a second donation next week to Odeleite.

Charlie and Roy with the cat food donation (and a very interested ginger observer)

In further news, we recently asked for donations of animal food and, as part of this, last week Charlie Cousins delivered some of these donations to the cat shelter in Castro Marim.

Also in recent weeks we have also paid the monthly medicine bill for a local youth suffering a severe illness since his family are struggling with day-to-day living.

The charity work is an integral part of the ethos of the clubs and its members money. We therefore continue to ask members to suggest which charities they would like to support.

As a club we will not make monetary donations but will purchase goods, items of equipment, and foodstuffs etc. We have, for example, in the past paid for printing costs for a book published to raise money for the Bombeiros.

All we ask is that whoever suggests a charity helps with the organisation and purchasing of what is required.

The charity fund relies on players “playing” in order to raise funds; as this is not possible at present the “pot” is not bottomless but we still have funds that are there waiting for suggestions from members, so if you have any ideas or thoughts please contact Roy Clark or Karl Chapman with your suggestions.

Once we hopefully start playing again the funds we have available should increase.

We thank you all hugely for your help; everything we raise goes to helping those less fortunate than ourselves in this beautiful part of the world!