Membership of our charity group has recently undergone many changes following a couple of members stepping down and a repatriation (Nobby !).

After an appeal for new members a couple of months ago the group is now made up of Jon Berrill, Mark Cruddace, Mel Pointer, Oisten Lovell, Paolo (Di Canio) Turni, Paul “Blades” Johnson and Steve Johnson.

We thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone of what the charity committee does. As you all know, part of the money Charlie (The Enforcer) squeezes out of us each time we play goes towards our charity fund along with other monies raised at events like the Christmas party. This money is then made available to support vulnerable people, groups or animals primarily in the East Algarve. The support is provided in number of ways including equipment and items, time and labour, sponsorship and, in exceptional circumstances, direct money.

We recently bought a tracksuit for each of the eleven children in the Tavira orphanage for Christmas.

Jon Berrill has agreed to be the main contact point for receiving new appeals for help so if anyone becomes aware of any cause we should be trying to help please get in touch with him.