Two teams from Cirencester came to visit last week on Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th March and demonstrated their football skills.

The 60+ matches were played in both a friendly “the ball came off me ref, it’s their kick” yet competitive “we want to win” way.

The matches on both days were dominated by the goalkeepers, Peter Dickinson for EAWF and Eddie Butler for Cirencester, with both keeping clean sheets on Tuesday, making all matches 0-0 draws. (The only goals scored on Tuesday were in a later friendly whilst Eddie was in goal for his other team.)

Thursday started the same way, with competitive 0-0 draws with some brilliant saves by both ‘keepers. Again, it was only in the last official match that goals were scored by the home team.

A fine lunch was had by all, and Cirencester generously donated 140€ to our charitable causes; given that Eddie is a retired fire fighter, EAWF will commit the money to the Bombeiros in Alcoutim.

Lunch with Cirencester

A few beers and a fine lunch were well deserved…

Next up are Real Betis…