Saturday 7th October welcomed blue skies, warm temperatures and 3 teams to compete in the Casevel – Alentejo and Olhao – East Algarve Walking Football competition.

Three teams of 5 players were chosen.

The 1st, 4 plucky ladies from East Algarve (Captain Katy, Kelly, Diane and Chris) along with local young lady Mariana made the team named ‘As Andorinhas’ or The Swallows.

The 2nd, ‘Os Leoes’, The Lions, was captained by Marisa along with team players, goalie Dan, Rafaela, Vera and Raquel.


The 3rd team known as ‘As Chitas’ – The Cheetahs was captained by Mike (Casevel and Olhao) and supported by Miguel, Dario, Manuel and Emanuel. This team had a couple of substitutes throughout the games in order to allow all those willing and faithful to get a game in. Substitutes were Rodrigo, Marco and Kiara.


The referee was Maria and camera person, Kelly.

The first match saw a draw between the Swallows and the Lions. The second game saw an impressive 3 goals by the Swallows, 2 from Mariana and 1 from captain Katy, against the Cheetahs. Then the Cheetahs took on the Lions with an impressive goal from Lions captain Marisa. Match no. 4 between the The Swallows and The Lions again resulted in a tough game with a 1-1 draw, from Mariana and Marisa.

The Cheetahs, not looking too much in control of any of their games so far with 2 losses, were to take on The Swallows in match no. 5. The Cheetahs made substitutions and Captain Mike took to the pitch. A team chat made the Cheetahs spring into life with 2 fabulous goals from Captain Mike. The overall scores beginning to change dramatically as the final game was played. The Lions in their 2nd game against the Cheetahs this time faced a loss to 2 goals from Mike and mini Manuel.

Victory to the mixed home team, The Cheetahs, 6 points, and two very worthy runners up with 5 points each to The Lions and our lovely ladies team The Swallows.

After 2 and a half hours of play, well deserved cool beers were the next priority over lots of fun chat. All players and spectators had a great afternoon and for the special guests from East Algarve Walking Football and the local players, a private dinner with drinks was enjoyed and deserved by all. Live music, a slightly loose term, in the form of Karaoke supported the evening entertainment.
Thank you for the support from East Algarve Walking Football Club for the grateful loan of the players’ vests.

A big thank you to the brave ladies visiting from the Algarve who were not scared of the Lions and Cheetahs roaming the small village of Casevel in the Alentejo. We look forward to you joining us in future matches.

A word to all you male players in East Algarve Walking Football, man it up and get your boots on. Casevel is waiting. GAME ON.