A message from Sue Johnson:

“Can I please say a big thank you to the club for supporting the initiative ‘kids @ Christmas’, along with donations from the local expat community here in Tavira.

Yesterday we delivered comfort packs, activity packs, treats and toiletries to the kids who will be hospitalised over Christmas.

They were truly overwhelmed, as they had nothing for the kids on Christmas Day. We also distributed some of the gifts to the kids in the activity room and it was heart warming to see their little faces when they cuddled their packs. They gave us a thank you card which I have attached.

This is an initiative that I would hope we could now continue into the future. The hospital had someone in attendance taking pictures and I told them the majority of the funding had come from the club. I also used the two club logos on the bags.

Once again many thanks as you also made the four of us very happy yesterday.


Once again, many thanks to all our members who made this happen.