As of May 1st 2024, participation in EAWF- and EAFC-organised sessions and tournaments will be governed by completion of the East Algarve Walking Football (EAWF) and East Algarve Football Club (EAFC) registration form.

In line with the club’s goal of ‘No Form, No Play’, if you have not previously submitted a completed form to the respective venue Lead or to Paul Burn via email you will not be allowed to take part.

However, at each venue there will be copies of the form to complete.

There will also be copies of the the EAWF and EAFC Code Of Conduct for you to read if necessary. Agreeing to abide by this code is a condition of participation.

At walking football sessions there will also be copies of the EAWF Laws Of The Game to read. Again, agreeing to abide by these laws is a condition of participation.

Should you not wish EAWF and EAFC to store your data under EU GDPR then do not include any contact details on your form, just your name and acceptance of the two conditions.

The registration form can be found via the “Join us” page of the website